Thursday, April 13, 2006

I did the couple of bits I needed to do on the photo though.
I then decided to tie up a few trout flies for tomorrow...yes I'm fishing again..
I tied up a few detatched foam bodies for mayflies too, using some of them to tie up finished flies also. I'm getting organised for my Mayfly trip over on Corrib. The reason I tied a few complete flies up is so that I have them ready if the fly comes up early on Ennell. Speaking of which, is where I'm off to tomorrow. Lough Ennell is a beautiful lake, relatively shallow with large wild trout, difficult little ********* to catch though. The southern end of the lough is 'Lilliput'...yes one and the same as in Johnathon Swifts book, Gulliver's travels upon which the bay was based....It is a lovely little area. I hope the Duckfly will be up, they should be, but we need the wind to drop a lot, and the temperature to keep up. The forecast looks promising though.

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