Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another painting....and more fishing

Here is the latest painting acrylic again. This time I concentrated on the sea. The colours and the way the surface developed wind lanes created the interest. I may need to do more work with it. The other painting is still sitting there, the sea is similar but more heavily painted and the landscape is more defined. It needs a lot more work though.
I am going fishing again tomorrow. I haven't decided where yet but we will probably end up on Lough Owel, just to allow Noel to find a few fish hopefully. We only have another couple of trips before the season closes, tomorrow and then two days next week. Hopefully we will get a few fish.


Han said...

Hi Greg
I like your last painting, it has movement. I would like to have a blog as well, will try to find out
regard Han

Greg Long, artista said...

Thanks Han. If you look up on top of this blog to the right there is a link to set up your own blog with blogger. It is easily done.