Sunday, October 29, 2006

things are looking up...

I have the computor working again...for as long as it lasts....
I will nurse it along for a while. I have had a fairly good week this week, I started off on Monday with my finances at a low ebb, but by the end of the week I was 'safe' for another couple of any earnings before Christmas will be actual earnings and not needed for bill payments. I am sure a few other bills will appear though...they usually do.

I have been working on an oil painting, it is slow going...I had forgotten with the acrylics...but it is going well. I may try to photograph it during the week.

We hope to go to our cottage in Sligo on Tuesday, we haven't been up to it at all this year and we need to check up on it. I am seriously thinking of putting it on the market and liquidating the asset. It is on 2.5 acres with a stream bordering it, set in a sheltered mountain valley, it really is a lovely area but I can't afford to do up the cottage at the moment and it needs work doing on it.

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