Thursday, October 05, 2006

A pleasant days fishing on Lough Owel

I enjoyed yesterdays fishing trip. We fished Lough Owel, mainly over towards the small pumphouse shore. I caught a lovely wild fish of 2.5lb within two minutes of starting. It turned out to be my best fish of the day, though I did come out of a bigger one. I ended up with 6 fish in total, two of them over 2lb (1kg) and although the fishing wasn't spectacular there was enough movement from the fish to keep interest high. I feel if there had been any natural fly on the surface we might have had a good day. Flies that caught were daddy-long-legs, olive bumble, lght olive bumble and a claret hopper. The only other fly I tried was a golden olive bumble but I felt this was too bright for the conditions (bright) so did not fish it for long. The weather was scattered showers, bright spells and a nice south westerly breeze, creating a good wet fly wave on the windward shore where we were fishing. Temperatures dropped in the evening though ending sport early.

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