Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A busy week, and getting busier....

I have been busy with more mundane tasks this week. Gallery visits, not to view but in an effort to organize exhibitions. I purchased some canvases paint etc. today, and as usual overspent! I now need to photograph my African works tomorrow and put them on disc for one of the galleries. I need to organise printing of cards and a catalogue of recent work (if I can afford it. I may try some bartering....) as I am out of business cards and in dire need of some kind of catalogue of work. More expense of course.
I have a couple of meetings for the angling club over the next few days also so I am going to be too busy to paint for this week. We have our bus outing for Pike fishing on Sunday too. I will be raring to go on the painting by Monday though. I may try to get some done on least I'll get some planning done.

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