Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's Hot!.....not the weather, the painting..

Here is the painting mentioned in the previous post. I have kept the foreground minimalist. I like the heat in this painting. The effect I wanted is definitely there. I am also happy with the tonal effect created between the distant mountain and the sky. I have not done any more to the other work yet though.

I won't be back in the studio now until Friday. I am fishing for the next two days, the last two of the trout season. We are spending them on Lough Owel. I hope the fish oblige, we decided against Ennel or Sheelin tomorrow as the forecast is for strong breezes and the bigger loughs might be a bit rough. Gales were forecast for this evening and tonight, but as yet they have not come, I hope they aren't around tomorrow.

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Victoria Champion said...

These are just beautiful! This is the kind of painting I see and think, dang! I should have thought of that. :)