Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Here a two Better photo's of the lake painting, the upper one is a general overall view. The lower of the two is a detail to allow you see the variation in the colours and tones, especially in the dark areas.

My paintings arrived back from Florence safe and sound. The Shippers had packed them well. It is nice to get paintings back safely, although I'd preferr to sell them, I'd hate to have them damaged or destroyed, they are

part of ME. My babies as it were, I've created them and I'm proud of them.... When I find this kind of attatchment to a painting I know it is finished. I suppose that is what I look for in my work, I don't get that with my studies, they are just paintings of something, what I create from these are what drives me to paint essentially.
That I suppose is what art is about.
Certainly it is what MY Art is about, the creation of an Artwork that is a thing of beauty, and, has something to say, a story if you wish, of how I perceive something or somewhere. Something that can give the viewer something other than filling a space on a wall. It has to be more than a decorative piece of furniture...

After I unpacked and checked the returnees, I did some work on a study I had done in November, it is on a 22 by 18 canvas. The Painting is of Marlay Park again, a view of one of the woodland paths around the lake again. This view is towards the pond with the Duck breeding Island in it. I think I have captured the feel of a cold damp November day as the leaves are starting to turn and fall above the holly bushes that abound under the Beech Oak Ash and Sycamore trees. The Laurel bushes have been severely chopped back, but the hollies are still running riot under the canopy, and they are all male bushes....not a berry among them.

The Beech trees produced a lot of nuts or mast this year. The Squirrels and birds had a feast.

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