Friday, January 20, 2006

I spent quite a bit of time today at my fly-tying bench..I've a hankering for fishing. I have arranged to go with Noel on tuesday, it will give me something to look forward to for a few The weather forecast is good for the beginning of next week. I tied up lots of new 'buzzer' patterns, ideal for the small still-water fishery.

I also did a little work on an idea for a painting, stemming from the woodland study. I'll revisit it tommorrow and refine my idea a little more.

This afternoon I listened to a programme on the radio advising students who intend to study fine art next year as to their Job prospects....ha!
There was very little new information....all artists interviewed told the same story...Poverty, part-time jobs to support themselves.... lack of funding. The message was clear, teach full-time or suffer.
Suprisingly a lot of the students taking up the art college places now are mature students who have tried mainstream work and have either decided it's not for them or have put enough funds away to allow them to take up art..
I suppose someone with a business background might find it a lot easier to survive as an Artist, but I would probably say that a business attitude is exclusive to making good art...

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