Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Painting update and work in progress

Here is the painting of Kerry with the clouds repainted. I have decided it is finished. I'm happy enough with the painting now, the photograph is a bit better too, you can see the hill in the background now even though the photo quality is reduced.

I worked on a couple of sketches and did a little work on the rock pool painting. Once again it is a low quality/detail photo but it will give a general idea as to where I am thinking of going with it.

I hope to go down to the sea tomorrow to collect some samples to paint from. I want a couple of crabs, some fresh bladderwrack (sea-weed) and a few limpet shells, and I'll get a few wild mussels while I'm at it. I may even come across something else to use in the compositions if I am lucky. It is surprising what you find beach-combing in the winter, and some finds make interesting paintings...in that everyday objects are always different after a few months at sea.
The weather is forcast to be kind tomorrow...

The two red discs either side of the canvas will be crabs, the center one a brighter colour probably an anenome, or maybe a starfish if I cant find any anenomes...

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