Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Large Project in mind..

I enjoyed my Fishing yesterday, I managed to catch nine, although it was very hard work. I have been busy in the studio, building a canvas from scratch (by hand) today. It is 84 inches by 56 inches. I used 3 by 3 timber for the frame-work, I placed a strut in the center of the longer sides for support. The canvas has ended up square thankfully, as the large hand built ones often tend to lean slightly and end up as parallellograms rather than rectangles after the canvas has been stretched over them. Now I have my canvas made I will have to get down to work on it. I am going to paint the view I had out of my Hotel room in Florence...It had to be seen to be believed, I could see the Doumo while lying in bed. I left the shutters opened and went to sleep looking out at the skyline, with the buildings lit up, and awoke to see the sun striking the Dome in the mornings. A pleasant way to spend time in a hotel. The Hotel (Hotel Castri) had beautiful gardens too, full of statues, citrus trees- oranges and lemons, two fish ponds, one like a grotto the other a circuar formal one. My room over looked the gardens too.
I must put a photo or two up for you...I promise..

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