Friday, July 14, 2006

I fished Sheelin Wednesday afternoon, and managed to lose my first fish again. I hooked a second and had difficulty keeping it out of the weeds below the boat, the fish was determined to get into them. I had it hooked on the top dropper so there were two trailing flies to snag up if it got deep into them. As the fish tried to get down into the weeds a big pike slashed across his rear half, and the trout came up like a rocket...and didn't seem to want to get back to the weeds again! I wonder why. When I netted it, the trout had half a dozen deep gashes from his anal fin up across his flank. These were about an inch long and at least half an inch deep and the fish was bleeding so badly I didn't return it. It weighed 3 lb 5 oz and was 50 cm long.
My picture was in the 'Echo' again yesterday, two in fact and a nice little piece about me and my upcoming Tunisian trip. I may try to scan it into the computor over the weekend. I have a party to go to tomorrow night, so I probably won't get a chance tomorrow after I get back from my studio. The photos are of me in the walled gardens at Marlay, working on a painting.
I'm a handsome Devil so I am..........

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