Monday, July 17, 2006

It was a glorious day again today..Sun blue skies and HEAT

Here are the cover and article from the Arts & TV section of the Echo. The cover was reproduced on the front page in a small format too.
They are nice photos, taken in the walled garden, the study on the easel was from the Spring and doesn't relate to the leafy trees now though, but the photographer wouldn't have wanted to wait while I repainted it...LOL.

As for Saturday nights Party..........................
I'm over the hang-over...just about. I was very delicate on Sunday. Obviously it was a good party. We left the car and got a taxi home sometime in the early hours. When I got up on Sunday I knew I wouldn't be able to drive down and collect the car for quite a few we left it until the evening. I wasn't fit to do much else either, so I spent today on the garden and doing a few other jobs that didn't get done. I made my way to the studio about 3pm but it was like an oven, the temperature is in the high 20's even now at 8.30 it is 23 degrees centigrade and humidity is up at 43%.
Who needs a sauna?

I love the sun, but I prefer a dry heat to the humid weather we have....still at least it's warm and sunny. The fishing would be lousy though...

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