Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I spent most of today visiting galleries, one of which I hope may start selling my work. I need a wider audience, sales are too slow. I find I am too often chasing my tail trying to get money to pay upcoming bills. I really would preferr to have a month or two behind (or in front?) of me. When you are financially sound it is a lot easier to work, and/or concentrate on the business of painting. I have lots of paintings, too many in fact, now if I was running short that would be another problem....but one I'd love to have.

The weather is very warm and humid, I am fishing a competition on Owel tomorrow, Patty Doolins memorial. I like to support it, Patty was a great friend to many of us, always chatting, giving tea after a long cold day, asking about friends and often helping with information. Jack is great, but Patty was different, and I'm sure Jack misses her greatly too.
The competition is a great social occaision, very few are really worried about results, we fish it in rememberance, rather than avarice for the prizes...mind you the prizes aren't exactly life changing....

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