Saturday, July 08, 2006

No luck fishing, Press coverage and I'm having a studio sale

I fished lough Sheelin on wednesday. It was a good fishing day, warm breeze, a good wave, nice steady wind lanes, but, no fly life and no fish to be seen. We never had a hint of a fish for the day. A dissapiontment after my last trip.
That said, I still enjoyed the day and I fished hard all day...I was expecting a fish even though none appeared. It wasn't one of those days when you felt you were wasting your time half way through.
I was up in my studio today, Christine came with me....I had to tidy the studio a little bit....she I have a press photographer coming in Monday morning to take some photos for an article that will be out next week-end I think. The article is about me and my up-coming Tunisia trip. July and August are great publicity wise...there is very little news, the papers are always looking for something vaguely interesting to write about, and at the moment that's me again... :)

I think I may have to sell a few Oil on Paper studies as I need to be sure I have some funds available in September. This coming month I have road tax due, a rates bill due, on top of the usual studio bills of rent etc. that are always on the horizon, and I need to have a few bob in my pocket come September, I don't want to have to count pennies when I am away. I am unlikely to spend a huge amount but it is nice to be able to spend if you want to. I also will need to invest in a few tubes of paint and a few new brushes as I am running short on a couple of colours and quite a few of my brushes are showing signs of wear.
I may list a few of them here later, I took photos of some today as I am considering blitzing either ebay or an email shot to selected people for a few quick sales. It is an ideal way for collectors or would be collectors to obtain paintings cheaply as these works don't go to galleries and only normally get sold through the studio visits. The studies I don't think interesting just get destroyed in clear-outs so numbers are kept limited.

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