Monday, July 03, 2006


I haven't been writing for a few days, mainly as I have little to write. I spent Saturday morning in the studio....well 2 hours anyway. I came home to watch the world cup match. I shouldn't have was a lousy match.
I spent the weekend on chores, ie gardening, cooking dinner, washing, get the picture. Christine came back from Cork on Sunday evening with food poisoning.. so she's not well obviously and therefore the weekend was pretty dismal. I was up in the studio this morning, but did little of consequence, I had two visitors, neither of whom were interested in spending money as well as time...c'est la vie..
I came home early to see how Christine is, and to post off a painting to Belfast. At this stage I can't be bothered to go back today so I'll spend a little time with C (although she's not good company at the moment) and do some more design work on a job I have creating a LOGO.. I don't do many design jobs, but it's great to get the odd one, they pay better than creating art....and are easier to do. I am almost finished, I have 6 designed, now I am whittling them down to 2 coloured plus one black and white, for final work before sending them across (via email) for approval/choice. Then comes the fun part....I send the invoice...charging by the hour, and copyright sale fee..

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