Thursday, June 08, 2006

It is 10 am. I have spent an hour doing bits & pieces on the PC. Outside the sun is cracking the flagstones in a cloudless sky..we are going to get temperatures 24-27 degrees centigrade today. Not our usual weather at all, and not good for fishing, therefore I am still here. We decided to leave it until afternoon and spend a late evening on one of the lakes...Where?...we will ring around and find out the best prospects later.
Now I am about to connect a hosepipe and give the two dogs a mention of bath and Dubh has gone missing all morning...(she's hiding under the table) any other time I can't get rid of her, she is always under my feet or on my lap..."bath" works better than "hot tea"(get down command, yes I'm a little nuts) to get some peace. I have to admit the dog is any little girl she can wrap 'daddy' around her little finger most of the time. After I wash the dogs I may go to the studio and start work on a painting in the Walled Gardens, it's a great day for it.

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