Friday, June 23, 2006

The weather has improved, my demeanour however has not!!
Yesterday the oven door decided to come apart, so I spent half of today getting bits to fix it and it is now more or less fixed. I need to wait for a silicone sealant to dry before putting the whole thing back together. I will go up to my studio tomorrow. Hopefully there will be a few people about in the courtyard. I could do with a sale. I will try and work while I am up there. If not I bought a few boxes of hooks today so I can do a bit of fly tying anyway. I am considering going fishing, but I still have a few things to do, and I have to go to a Bar-B-Q tomorrow evening instead of the competition on the blackwater, so it is looking unlikely in the near future unless I escape on Sunday. I have the trip up north on monday, I have to collect & deliver and install a washing machine for a friend on tuesday so wednesday is looking like the earliest day available. I wonder how I'd be if I had to work a 'normal' 5 day week! I'm off out into the sunshine now.....gardening needs doing...

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