Sunday, June 04, 2006

painting away, dreaming of fishing...

Here are the two photos that would not behave /upload on my last post

I did a lot of work on the painting yesterday. It now looks halfway finished instead of barely started. I need to tidy up the foreground lawn and the rocks bordering it. The tree is an enigma, do I put in the early leaf? or do I leave it bare? At the present time I am leaving it bare, I think it is working well

It definitely say's "Corrib". I can see the view in my minds eye, the study was of a colder bay in the evening (Started Sat evening) but the painting has moved more to the morning view....anticipating a good days fishing, warm overcast with a moderate breeze........It has turned into an ANGLER'S painting!!!
LOL. If I'm not careful there will be mayflies dancing over the Alders next!
I'm on myway to Wicklow now to see my mother and her visiting Uncle..all the way from Toronto, Canada..


Salubri said...

Hi there. You've got great stuff here. Is that done in oils?

I'm no expert but I think it was a good decision to leave the tree bare. Putting in the leaves will block a good deal of the view.

Greg Long, artista said...

Yes it is in Oil Paint. The leaves as they are only just appearing on the ash tree would not really affect the view as such, but they would take away from the interesting curves of the branches. These echo the curve of the waves unseen in detail on the lake surface.