Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunday's competition was HARD work...and fruitless.....I spent most of today recovering from it!

We had another Mediteranean sky today, but quite a stiff breeze so I didn't set the easel up and collect my palette etc. from the studio. I decided not to go to the studio either. I did a little work in the garden then we enjoyed it for the rest of the day. It is great to have a summer. The garden is springing into colour now, the Rich red tiger lillies are in bloom along with the Roses, they create a rich vein of reds to the side of the patio. The darker red/crimson leaves of the Cannae lillies will be up soon, the flowers are bright orange but don't bloom until August/september outside..those in the conservatory are already in flower, as are my hibiscus shrubs... the Red-hot-poker's or (kniptheria?) are starting to show the flower heads, more reds/orange/yellow. I like my garden, but I hate the work it takes..that is why I use so many pots and weeding, toss the old compost out and start afresh,...mind you the watering takes me an hour at times like this with the drying breeze and heat. What the garden is missing though is the sound of running water I really must think about re-doing my pond...

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