Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day..

I haven't been fishing, and I don't think I will be's bitterly cold. I have a Turkey in the oven for dinner. I am looking out of the window at the willow tree in next door's garden, it's in full flower with the 'pussy-willow' flowers, they kind of fit the hail and sleet showers.
The light outside is harsh, cold & white even though the sky is grey. I think there is snow on the way. There are no birds around the garden. There don't even seem to be any at the bird feeders next door. The birds must be huddled somewhere for warmth, out of the Easterly wind. It is amazing how even the red roofs look cold in the light. Everything has a pale wan aura. It is not that grey colourless effect of a wet day, it is quite bright, the colours just have no warmth in them.
I wonder where spring is?
I am just going to vegetate today. I'd watch Television, but there is nothing (of interest) on.
I have a couple of books to leaf through though.

I may go fishiong on Sunday, we have a club competition on the Blackwater, but I don't fancy the chances of catching much, but there is a nice snug hostelry maybe..........

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