Friday, March 03, 2006

Well, I'm recovered after my partying...I spent all afternoon in the studio. I spent hours working on my 7ft Castri Window painting. I was adjusting the whites here and there, tweeking this and that...I think I am nearly finished though.
I had a couple of visitors about 5-ish, and they were enamoured with it...
Isn't it funny how visitors always seem to come in groups? A bit like Busses... I find problems are the same, catch one and they all want to get in the trap! I had three seperate visitors this evening..all dropping in for a chat. I enjoyed it. I really must organise an Artist's get together...
I am in need of a spending spree...a few more large canvases, or at least the makings of some.
I feel the need to paint BIG.

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