Friday, March 10, 2006

I have been all over the place for the last 3 days, I collected my mother wednesday morning, had my wing mirror smashed by a hit and run driver on the way..I didn't get time to get his as he was speeding too fast..It could have been worse he could have done a lot more damage.
I am having difficulty getting a new one. It is difficult driving the van without it too, there is a large blind spot with just the rear view mirror. I'll have to try a few breakers yards next week...a mitsubishi original is very-very-very expensive....

Moving on, I have been helping out a friend since wednesday lunch time, and on top of that I had a meeting on wednesday night, the lads night out last night, and I am just in the door now at's now 7.35 pm...and I'm exhausted..I am not really used to Physical labour any add to that late nights and early mornings and I'm shattered.
I am looking forward to the studio tomorrow, first day since tuesday....I don't think the weather will suit the garden painting though we are due high winds and rain..I got a new mobile phone today, a Nokia 6230i, complete with camera and more forgotten camera problems, ha ha ..of course I will have to figure out how to use it first....there is always a down-side, I am not exactly techno minded.....I'll play around for a while to figure it out as usual..If ALL else fails, I'll read the manual..I'm off to play with my new toy now..

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