Saturday, March 18, 2006

Under seige again

I arrived at my studio to find it hemmed in by Market stalls again. The excuse was 'There is a van in the way' It wasn't my Van so why should I have to suffer?
I really feel I am being bullied and Victimised by the Market. My studio is the only one being interfered with. It is constant, persistant intimidation. When I complain I am treated with cat-calls from some stall traders. The Organiser is never there, and when she is, she is very unconcerned about my point of view.
I am going to have yet another face to face about the situation, along with a letter stating my case, which I will CC to all I can. If that doesn't work I will go the legal route.
It is affecting my work. It is impossible to be creative in situations where you feel both uncomfortable and annoyed. I was not able to paint, and yet I was looking forward to getting down to work in the studio this morning. The upshot was I came home again after an hour of fuming, knowing I was not going to be able to work no matter how long I stayed. I did have to go back later though as I forgot to unplug the heaters etc. when I left, due to my annoyance. The whole situation is irritating and un-neccessary, there is plenty of room for the market stalls in the center of the courtyard where they are supposed to be. We (the tennants) were told the stalls would be in the center of the courtyard and our units/entrances would not be intefered with when the Saturday market was proposed.
I really feel like giving up the studio with all the hassel. Saturday is the one day where I might make a sale from my studio...but only when access is open. I feel it is not worth the trouble at the moment. An unhappy studio is worse than no studio. You can work without a studio, but you can't work in a situation that upsets you - and the creative process- and I am finding the situation very stressful. Over 8 hours later I am still stressed. I watched the Rugby International, Ireland beat England but I found it didn't even alter my mood. I am both depressed and irate. It is eating away at me. I know I should shrug it off, but I'm too upset to do it.

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