Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ups and downs of a day.

I went to start my van this morning and my battery was flat again. (The new one) Obviously my alternator is caput, but there was no warning light on my Dashboard to tell me it wasn't working!! I bought a new battery last week needlessly. Now I've to spent 350 euro on a new alternator. I got a neighbour to try to jump start the van but the battery was too flat. I needed to get to the studio to meet a client today. Luckily the neighbour offered to drop me up to the studio, so that saved me getting a taxi-cab. The client arrived early/on time so I went into the walled garden and finished the painting I had started in there the other week as it was quite pleasant today, sunny and not too cold. I am happy with the painting..but I don't have a photo of it yet. I had just returned to the studio (about 2 pm.) with the finished painting when Noel phoned. "It's a nice day isn't it" "fancy going fishing?" a walk home, or go fishing....
Noel collected me half an hour later, collected my fishing gear and off we went to Blessington Lakes for the afternoon. 3 lovely fish later, about 6.15 we decided to come home. A satisfied Artist/Angler included...I don't even mind having to get the Van sorted out on Friday now, (I'm off to the Dentist tommorrow) a good 1/2 days fishing was just the tonic I needed.
Aint Life funny?

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