Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm tired..............

I've just dropped in while waiting for my Pizza Dough to rise....I'll be going out later, we moved the lads night out to tonight instead of tommorrow night because with Friday being st. Patrick's day the pub will be busy, we really are becoming old codgers..LOL.
I managed to get most of my chores done...checks lodged and written....lamp in my vans headlight, (I still need a wing mirror) I popped into the studio just to check all was well.
I'll have a busy day tommorrow, catching up on the few odds and ends I skipped today to catch up on the jobs I needed to do......It's a never-ending

I am looking forward to my fishing Friday. I need a break. Long structured days take some getting used's the fact that you have to be there from X to Y and for if you go somewhere for 30 minutes, and you get delayed you are under pressure to get back on time. With Dublin Traffic DELAYS are the rule, not an exeption..
It is a dreary day here in Dublin, low cloud, drizzling rain and dull I havent missed much painting wise...I find it hard to work when it is like this anyway. I'm off out to buy my Lotto ticket now...I might get lucky...

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