Sunday, August 21, 2005

Another Restful day, playing with water

I spent this Sunday visiting my mother. She has a garden pond that is constantly topped up by a hose coming from a stream. Well that is the normal Idea, except the dam on the stream had sprung a leak, thus allowing the water level to fall below the level of the hose so the pond wasn't topping up. Now the pond leaks, so no flowing water means the level of the pond creeps lower and lower. This equals panic. Panic equals me going down to sort out the problem.
I sorted out the dam by repairing the leaking area, used a pump to clear the air-locks in the 150 meters of hose, and, after a long day, left the water tumbling into the pond. Happy Goldfish.Happy Mother.
I wonder why I never have time to do this and that around the house/garden etc.?
One of these days my time won't be mapped out by who needs me to do what.
How come no-one ever says "what would you like to do?"

Ah! the mysteries of life are never ending.

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