Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Oh it's a hard life....Honestly

I went fishing to Lough Owel near Mullingar yesterday. Noel and myself fished hard all day and hadn't even seen a fish by 6.30. At 6.35 we had a fish each in the boat. It's a funny old world.
We ended up with 5 trout for the day, following a hatch of green buzzer which lasted for an hour and a half. We fished until 10 pm. so I was late home hence no blog yesterdy folks.

Today I wandered through a few galleries and soaked up the paintings that I liked. I am still at the cross-roads work wise. I am not altogether sure where I am going with my work. I find I am strongly drawn back to painting more water, yet I spent the last 18 months doing that one way or another. It obviously isn't finished as a subject yet. I'll keep you posted one way or another.........

But back to today, I then wandered around until 5.30 and came home,I am now going to watch football on the TV. as I said....It's a HARD life.

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