Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Why? why not and will you.

I had one of those conversations today, You know the one.
Will you:- blah-blah.......No I can't.....why? ......I have other plans....what?!.....cant you cancel it.......No........why won't you......etc. The same person would not lift a finger to help you if you were drowning. But, if you are not available to do a favour........whine,whine,wheedle,whine...

It took almost an hour to say NO!. In the meantime the calm serenity of the studio dissappeared, 5 minutes of reflection/meditation didn't repair the damage and an afternoon was wasted. I now have to hide away tommorrow so I'm not accosted again . I sent the offender off to seek the help from some-one else.....who is out of town at the moment.

Because I have a large Van, people seem to think I've nothing better to do than operate a free courier service.
Mind you, I am getting used to it after 20 odd years. The questions are no longer ignored, I've developed smart sarcastic answers to them. Other Artists will know them well, they include, When are you going to get a proper job?/ Why don't you work for XYZ?/ Isn't it a nice Pastime? the latter also comes under the list of Asides the great unwashed retort, such as It's a lovely hobby/ I dabble a bit myself/ my granny goes to classes but she doesn't sell hers, they are good./ you want that price for a picture!!/ and the all time classic " that scene would make a lovely photograph"............. the mind Boggles.

My Own Brother..the younger one who never had to struggle for anything, ( lucky? you could drop him out of an airplane and he'd land on his two feet, probably in a new pair of shoes!) even had the cheek to ask why I didn't get a proper job. By the way for those that require an answer....I spent 4 years in college to paint not work in an office....
It's the only Profession where you get a degree to work for less than the minimum wage.....
but as my tormentor realises...when you work for nothing, you'll never be unemployed.
PS. I'm still thinking about S.O.B., Any philantrophists out there want to finance a few good Artist's Parties, we'll even let you join in.

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