Saturday, August 13, 2005

Grinning Like a Cheshire Cat

Well, I did go to the Studio today, and even started cleaning it. I cleaned and scraped my Palette, prepared my paint and refilled the palette, that took most of the morning!.
My palette consists of 16 colours, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, ultramarine, and windsor blue, Permanent green in the three shades, deep, plain and light,four yellows, lemon,chrome,cadmium and cadmium deep, Winsor Orange, bright red, permanent alirizon crimson, dioxine violet/cobalt violet(cobalt is colder for when I use purple to cool the yellows but it is very expensive.) and of course white, either titanium or Flake, (which is now un-obtainable and I havent come across its replacement!! HELP!). Luckily I had a stockpile but it's run very low.

Enough about my paint though...We Artist's are passionate about our paint at the best of times!, incidently by preparing my paint I mean getting it to the correct consistency, thin and pliable but meaty enough to lay on the canvas...or to put it plainly mashing it up with a mixture of oil/medium by way of a palette knife. SORRY forgot I was leaving the subject.

After lunch I had a visitor to my Studio and sold a large painting. Sales from my Studio are a great bonus as I don't have to pay the gallery commission and earn a lot more for my work. Selling this way means I can afford to splash out on new brushes, that new hardback sketch book I wanted, a new pair of waders..........I might even take the Wife out to celebrate, but lets not get carried away!. I can now book my flights to the Florence Biennale in December, I started the year needing to find 6,000 euro to take part, I now have 4,000 toward it and the prospect of a 1,500 euro grant from the Irish Government on production of the receipts for said amount, (my Bank manager will let me have the cash advance, at a small cost as usual) so all I need now is 500 spending money, Registration, flights, shipping and accomodation all accounted for...Yippee!

The 'Roadies' are busy erecting a stage in the Park behind my studio for next weekend's Rock concerts and they all have thier tents and camper vans parked in the Courtyard's car-park. It is almost impossible to park our cars when we go to the studios/workshops. I had forgotton that the Concerts were next weekend, I might have stayed gallivanting for another week had I remembered...but there again I'd have missed my big sale.
I love watching the way they work though, when the health and safety officer is around they all wear hard-hats harnesses etc. as soon as he's gone they scurry up and down the scaffolding like monkeys without a care in the world, until, suddenly, the hard-hats and harnesses re-appear, 5 minutes before an inspector.

Come the week-end I'll need three different security passes to get near my studio, the promoters bring in their own security staff, for some reason they can't read a parking permit unless it is colour coded flourescent something or other (it changes each day) and is 12 inches by 10 inches in size. My van has a permanent permit for our reserved car-park (the one that is now a caravan park/ campsite) but it always fails to get access until you phone up and complain, then some-one has to run down to the entrance with a flourescent billboard for you.....the radio's stuck in the ears must just be for show, no-one has come up with the fact if they told the guy on the gate to let the van with the permit in the window, who is at that very moment phoning up on his cell-phone 'cos you won't let him in, in, (grammar doesn't look right but what the heck it's only a rant) some poor idiot wouldn't have to run 500 yards with an A4 placard that says 'let him in'. The mind boggles.

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