Thursday, August 25, 2005

Are all families like this?

I was thinking last night, the only time I hear from my family is if they want something, or, at funerals and weddings. Unless I do the contacting no-one else picks up the phone or sends an e-mail, unless it's from my younger brother- he sends an e-mail of photo's of himself and his family twice a year and I come between H & J in the listings....he writes two lines, attaches the photos and then sends to all in his address book. I havent heard from my other brother in months. I phoned the last 3 times we spoke and I'm feeling a little peeved that I haven't been contacted at all over the Summer. I can forgive the Aussie he's a long way away, but P is only an hours drive away and is in Dublin for meetings a couple of times a month.

It's funny really, they say 'Where there is a will, there are relatives' it must be because I'm a "starving" $$$$$/££££ to leave....mind you I'm a long way from dead yet I hope.
I'm off to my Mothers again on Saturday evening, she is having a Bar-B-Q as it is her birthday today..HAPPY B'DAY MUM.... I will see the relatives/family there I am sure. I got a phone call yesterday from Dave, my best man (years ago) I hear from him far more often. (OOOOps forgot to return his call, I'd better do that now.) The reality is your nearest are often the most inconsiderate, but would we be without them?

I am consoled by the fact that at least no-one is looking for anything at the moment. Do you know what I mean?. The favours are often couched in phrases or offers like 'I have a job you might be interested in'...translation: I need some-one dependable to do this job, but, the pay is slave wages that nobody in their right mind would work for and it's not worth the hassel.
I still find it hard to say No! but I'm getting there. Maybe I should go to therapy. Maybe I'm just gullible or a sucker? I don't mind doing favours, but I do mind people who wont come out and ASK!.

I am off to a childrens fishing competition on Saturday morning, running around to give assistance, tips and hopefully measure a few fish (so they can be released) for score keeping. It is part of the angling clubs calender, and that is the kind of work I enjoy doing as the Kids are the sports future. In the meantime I'm going to get a good days work in tommorrow in the Studio.

I feel like painting.

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