Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A big wind clean-up and packaging.

I spent my morning cleaning up after storms last night (120 km per hour winds). All my baskets pots and tubs were blown over and around. Tall plants flattened and broken.
The clean-up took a while. I then spent the afternoon packing some paintings for shipping, and then sending them off, I'm on my way out now for a meeting.
Tommorrow I'm occupied with meetings for this and that so it looks like Friday is the first chance I'll get to paint. Working as a full time Artist isn't all painting you know! I'm working on a few Ideas though, I'm going back to water..........It must be the Angler in me.

This blog will get back to normal/abnormal in a week or so, or at least as I intended it to be, a documentary on my work. I just need to settle in to work first.

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